Healthy body, healthy mind and Finnish SISU



Being an entrepreneur is by no means easy. Especially if the company values make running the company economically challenging. Every entrepreneur needs guts, persistence and strong vision on their everyday performance. Yet there is no way to guarantee that your business will be successful. In Finland we call this persistence, guts and determination "sisu". If you have sisu, you will be ready to fight for your dreams time after time, getting up again when you fall on your face. 

Finnish business journal Talouselämä wrote about the way this entrepreneur keeps herself ready for every day challenges. (Unfortunately the story is in Finnish). 

One of the most famous icebreakers in Finland is called Sisu. Sisu has been breaking the Baltic ice in all kinds of weather circumstances for over 40 years already and is still going strong! I think we Finns love our icebreakers for their beautiful symbolic value of being strong and not giving up. By the way, Helsinki is the only capital with icebreakers right in the center of the city!

One of the most inspiring stories of the Finnish sisu is the story of Emilia Lahti, who is at the very moment running 50 ultramarathons in 50 days in New Zealand. Talk about sisu ♥ Good luck Emilia on the last days of your run!

Personally I find my power to keep going by sleeping enough, eating healthy and keeping a happy, optimistic attitude on life in general and on the people I meet. I also want to step out of my comfort zone every morning. If you have done the most challenging thing right after you wake up, it is quite easy to continue doing smaller and bigger miracles during the day. 

The cold water swimming reduces stress and releases endorphins.  It certainly makes you energetic all through the day.  Here you can find 10 reasons to embrace cold water swimming.


HAVE YOU TRIED COLD WATER SWIMMING, CRYOTHERAPY OR COLD SHOWERS TO BOOST UP YOUR DAY? I would love to hear about your experience, please share your story below!

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